Fingerprint jewelry

Quit often I am asked if i maken jewelry with fingerprints. And yes I do! Possiblities for jewelry are ample. Please contact me for a special jewel with print for you.

Jewelry with a lasered fingerprint or text.

It is possible to engrave a fingerprint with a special laser in a piece of jewelry. And the possiblities don't stop at fingerprints. Think of a text in your own handwriting or a small simple drawing lie a heart, infinity symbol etc. The quality of the prints are very importnat here. The better the quality the better the engraving will be. Prints can be tranfered to jewelry wiht a good quality digital photo of a inkprint on paper or a photo of a written text on paper. The better the quality of the phote and print, the better the image will be transfered.

Ring gelaserd met vingerafdruk Ring lasered fingerprint

Jewelry from wax or clay

It is also possible to make a piece of jewelry from  wax or clay where a print is pressed into. On the photo below I'm taking the fingertprints of my son at 2 months old while he is sleeping. From the prints togetther i've made a family jewel with all our prints.

A  DIY printkit to make a jewel at home!

Once a year it is make something special sathurday in our home. On this day my childern form a  jewel  for me with our special printkit. In these forms they leave their little prints while they are working on their shapes. I transfer these shapes to precious metal and make it to be a wearable piece of art. On the back I engrave the name and age of the child and the year the jewel is made. You can start young with collecting these precious pieces of jewelry. My son started at age 3. Want to order this printkit? Whe have them ready for you here.