Printset silver pendant

Delivery time: international delivery

In this printset material and instructions are included to make a pendant from our inprintclay. We  then transform this figure to silver and make it into a wearable sterling silver pendant.You will recieve a complete silver juwel with a necklace.

Per set material for one print ( adult) or 2 prints ( child) included. Do you want to take more prints or do you want to make a langer jewel? Select this in our options. We can put them together in one pendant.

In gold on request

Material: Sterling silver
Size: 1 pendant
Delivery time printset: 1-2 working days + international delivery
Delivery time after recieving the pendant: 14 working days + international delivery
| Hanneke Weigel

Ik heb voor mijn eigen huwelijk tijdens de ceremonie afdrukken genomen van mijn man, kinderen en mijzelf. Hierna heb ik deze afdrukken samengevoegd tot een mooi juweel en laten afgieten in witgoud.

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