How to take a correct ringsize

A ring is a beautiful symbolic piece of jewery to give and to recieve.

Whatever the occasion is to give a ring it is very important that the ring of your choice fits. We explane in a few simple steps how you can measure the correct ringsize so that your ring will fit you beautifully

Methode 1: Take the correct size with a ring measure of ringtape

This is the most reliable methode to take a ringsize. You can take a ringmeasure with a lot of rings to choose the correct ringsize or wtih a ringtape. A ringtape is a special tyrib like plastic stip with sizes on it and will givr you the correct size

When measuring the ring should give a little resistance then going over the joint of your finger but not feel thight. if it feels to loose go a ring smaller, if it feels to thight, go a ring bigger.

The advantage of this methode is that a ringsizer will nog stretch like paper of string. We sell ringzizers and ringtapes in our webshop. You can order these separatly but if you buy your irng you can select i don't know my size and we will send you a free ringtape to measure. when you know the correct size you can email us and we will make a ring to the size you have.


Methode 2: From an excisting ring

Another methode to take your ring size is to measure an excisting ring. If you choose this methode be sure the ring you are about to measure still fits perfectly and is not to small or to big. To take a correct measurement the ring should be round  ( and not an alterd shape due to wearing like oval or worsr or you can't take the correct size) if the ring is not in perdect condition please go bakt to methode 1.

Measure correcly

Measure the inside of the ring with a ruler and measure the inside of the ring like the picture below. Try to measure preciesly.

ringmaat opnemen / taking your sizeRead the correct size in between the lines.

Methode 3 : Measure with a piese of string or paper.

This is the least reliable methode of taking a ringsize because a pies of paper or string can stretch slightly altering your ringsize to a larger one. But it will still give you a good global idea of the ringsize you have. 

For this methode simply wrap a strip of paper or string not to thight around your finger, and measure the lenght with a ruler. The number of mm is your ringsize.

We can personalise most rings further with a free engraving of your choice. If it is possible to have an engraving in the model of your choice you will find a textbox when ordering your ring where you can type the engraving of your choice.