About us

Nice to meet you here!
My workshop is a growing business that specialises in the creation of jewelry in gold and silver. We have  beautiful range of handmade creations and we can also create beatiful unique commisions. Every day we make the most beautiful presents and the most beautiful jewelry for you and your loved ones. We put all our love in the caputuring of love, emotions, moments and memories. For today and always.
With our online store a world has openend and we send our creations all over the world.


We can also repair your treasured pieces of jewelry. I do this for jewelers but is is also possible to bring your jewelry to our workshop to have it repaired. We are open by appointment. To make an appointment please click here. 

Open by appointment

Our workshop is open by opppointment so we have the time for you to listen to your ideas without any interuptions. click here to make an appointment for an unique commision.