Gold is one of  the more expensive materials to we can use to make jewelry from. It comes in lots of different colours each with its specific benefits and characteristics. Gold used for jewelry has 4 basic  colours to choose from white, yellow rose and red. The color in gold is determind by the percentage of gold and the rest of the metals use in the alloy


To make gold jewelry, pure gold is mixed with other metals like silver and copper toe create an alloy. This changes for instance the colour but also the strength of the material. The type of alloy is given a specific name and number to see what alloy is use in the jewel.
-18 carat/750 This alloy has a beautiful warm yellow colour because the hig percentage of fine gold ( 75%).

-14 carat/585. One of the most used alloys for jewelry. The colour of 14 ct gold is a pale shade than 18 ct because 58,5% of this alloy is fine yellow gold. 

-9 carat/ 333 This alloy can't be used called gold in the netherlands because of its low gold percentage but in other countries it can be called gold. In this alloy still is gold present but not as much with 33%.

Advantages of gold

-Gold is a rare metal that looks luxurious and is an investment that doesn't looses it's value.
- Gold is a strong metal that lasts a long time.
-Anti allergic
- Gold doesn't oxidize and keeps a beautiful look.
- Gold jewelry is easy to repair, enlarge or to make smaller.
- Different colours to choose from.


- 9 ct gold oxidizes more quickly because the higher amount of copper.
- Gold is a relatively heavy metal and the jewel will weigh more than in silver.
- The colour of white gold is not really white but a more champagne colour. To make it truely white  white gold is often rhodium plated. This layer can wear out over time and the true colour of the jewel will show. 
Palladium white gold
Palladium white gold has a true white colour and is a lot whiter than traditional white gold because of the addition palladium. Palladium chemically belongs to the platinum family but is a lot lighter than platinum. 


Palladium alloys are 600 and 950



- The biggest advantage of palladium is the white colour that is true and true. there is no need to rhodium plate it and the colour will not wear off.
-Just like gold this metal is anti allergic.


-the same as gold


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