Jewelry made from old gold

Jewelry made from old gold

Everybody has some jewelry that they do'nt ware. We can transform those pieces into a beautifelu piece of jewelry with te emotional value of your old pieces.

Jewelry is given out of love at special moments, has been from a dear person or received for a special occasion. But it is possible that after years of wearing your jewelry can become so worn that a repair can give more lasting solution. Then what do you do with your beloved gem? Often these gems end up in a drawer or cupboard and we think that is a shame. Because .. there is as much as possible with your old gold. In this article we will show you the possibilities and I will show you how your gold can be processed into a beautiful new piece of jewelry that you can enjoy for years to come.


What is possible with old gold?
You can often do more with your old gold than you think.
What we can make of your jewelry depends on the amount of old gold.
If the jewelry is hollow, you have less weight than if it is a solid piece of jewelry.
We can already make something beautiful from a small quantity, but it depends on your wishes with regard to the jewelry.
We can weigh your gold for you and estimate what you can make with it.
It is also possible to make a combination of old and new gold.
The design interview
Some customers clearly have an idea in mind what they would like to have made from their old gold.
That is of course always useful, but not necessary.
During a design meeting, it emerges which type of jewelry you would like, a ring, a pendant, etc.
Hanneke will discuss with you what you like, for example, whether a stone needs to be placed, perhaps there are parts of the jewelry that are still visible must be preserved, and in which style the jewelry will be executed.
After this, a drawing will be made to see if the jewelry is the right jewelry for you.
The design interview takes about an hour.
The design
It is possible that during the design meeting it will already be very clear what a beautiful design would be for the piece of jewelry.
Then Hanneke immediately puts it in a rough sketch on paper and it is immediately visible.
It can also happen that I have to think about a number of technical matters for a moment.
Then I write down a number of keywords that must be reflected in the jewelry and you will receive the design later.
The design remains the property of Hanneke Weigel edelsmid and no exclusivity rights can be derived from this unless otherwise discussed.
After approval of the design, the making starts.
The best part is of course creating the jewelry that now comes to life.
The parts that need to be kept will be prepared for their place in the jewelry and the parts that may be melted down will be melted down.
Your gold will be melted at all times without the addition of other old gold so that you can be sure that your jewelry is actually made from your own old gold *.
* It is possible that new gold is added in consultation. Hanneke will discuss this with you in advance. Episode After creation, your jewelry will be finished with the desired finish. This can be polished or matted just what you like. Any stones are placed and then your jewelry is ready to be picked up.
After creation, your jewelry will be finished with the desired finish.
This can be polished or matted just what you like.
Any stones are placed and then your jewelry is ready to be picked up.
Our tips for old gold.
  • New wedding rings made of old gold. What could be better than giving the bridal couple a unique and valuable gift designed according to their own wishes.
  • A pendant as a maternity gift. A customer recently came up with a special and great idea. For their maternity party, they had all received a piece of old gold from family and friends. Together with all these little gifts of broken necklaces, bracelets and even a wedding ring from a deceased grandmother after whom the daughter was named, they had enough to make a beautiful birth pendant for both mother and daughter.

For example, there are many ideas to come up with to make something beautiful with old gold. Hanneke likes to think along with you to create a beautiful jewel.



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