Jewelry is made from many different metals and materials. On our page you can find out which metal or material is the best choice for you.


Silver is a beautiful white metal that often makes jewelry. This is usually done from sterling silver (1st grade) with a content of 92.5% silver and 7.5% copper. Other alloys with less silver are also possible but are less common for jewelry.

Benefits of silver

  • Silver is a less expensive material than gold.
  • Silver generally has a good time.
  • Easy to repair, enlarge, reduce etc.

Disadvantages of silver

  • Silver turns brown or black over time, this is a normal feature of silver and can be peeled away with a silver cloth or polish.
  • Silver is a softer material than gold, damaged and wears it faster compared to gold.
  • Some people have a silver allergy and can not tolerate silver



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